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      Company News
      What details should be paid attention to in the lighting of commercial streets?
      What details should be noted in the lighting of commercial streets: With the continuous advancement and development of society and science, the commercial street lighting project has gradually become an important part of the construction of urban lighting projects. At the same time, commercial streets are generally located in the center of the city, which is a unique business card of a city, good business. Street lighting design not only highlights the unique characteristics of the city, but also impresses passers-by and visitors. Commercial street shops are quite numerous, and the architectural styles are not the same. In order to integrate the visual effects of each building, the following points should be noted in lighting. 1. Considering the surrounding environment comprehensively, the lighting methods are diversified. Under the premise of satisfying the lighting function, the night lighting facilities can play a strong decorative effect, reflecting the bustling scene of the commercial street. 2. The lighting effect of the commercial street should be clearly defined, the dark division should be reasonable, and the key points should be highlighted. The public lighting and commercial lighting of the street should be integrated, and the characteristics of each building should be highlighted according to the actual situation of the commercial street. 3. Integrate the city's style and cultural connotation into the lighting design. Under the basic rules and norms of lighting, determine the overall lighting level and style of the commercial street, and create a unique commercial street. All in all, a successful commercial street lighting can create a unique city business card, which plays a decisive role in establishing a commercial street and even a city image.
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      LED ceiling downlights and LED ceiling spotlights in commercial lighting
      Unlike ceiling lamps, floor lamps, chandeliers, lamps that can sometimes rely on "faces", LED ceiling lamps and LED ceiling lamps have always relied on strength - using pure light and shadow to shape the taste, and to achieve excellent decorative effects. But what are the advantages of LED ceiling light and LED ceiling light? LED ceiling light is a light-emitting lighting fixture embedded in the ceiling. Its biggest feature is to maintain the overall unity and perfection of the building decoration, and will not destroy the perfect unity of the ceiling art because of the setting of the lamp. LED Day The flower light does not occupy space, which can increase the soft atmosphere of the space. If you want to create a warm feeling, try to install multiple downlights. The LED ceiling light is more concentrated than the ordinary mounted light, the light is more uniform, no Dark area, suitable for basic lighting or auxiliary lighting, often used in aisles, bathrooms, kitchens. The LED ceiling spotlight is a highly concentrated luminaire. The small beam angle, the light has a strong expressive power, the angle is flexible and adjustable, and the specific target can be specified. It is used to highlight the aesthetic effect, highlight the layering and create the atmosphere, such as Emphasis on a very tasteful or innovative place, can play a leading role in the overall lighting, but also local lighting. Mainly used for special lighting, often used to brighten decorative painting, wardrobes, wine cabinets, cabinets, bookcases. LED ceiling light provides comfortable and soft basic lighting for the lighting space, but can not express the personality and style of the owner. LED ceiling light can emphasize or express the objects that the owner needs to highlight, such as TV wall, paintings, ornaments, etc. Produce clean, clear spots and enhance the effect. Only the combination of downlights can create a bright and individual lighting environment.
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      Exploring the characteristic lighting town of China--Zhongshan Guzhen Town, Guangdong Province
      It is the hometown of Asian flying man Su Bingtian, and is also the world-famous lighting capital. In Guzhen Town, Zhongshan City, a small town with an area of ??less than 50 square kilometers, lighting sales account for more than 70% of the domestic lighting market. Recently, Guzhen Town added a new honor. The National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development announced the first batch of towns with Chinese characteristics. There are 6 towns in Guangdong Province, and Guzhen Town is the only characteristic town in Zhongshan. The core area of ??the global lighting source industry cluster Since the 1980s, the ancient town people have gradually explored the regional characteristic economy from the accumulation of “lighting the world” and embarked on a road of characteristic development led by the lighting industry. Today, Guzhen Town is the world's lighting source, the core area of ??industrial clusters. China Lighting Association announced in 2017: Guzhen lighting sales accounted for more than 70% of the domestic lighting market. At present, the town has more than 8,000 companies related to lighting manufacturing and sales, more than 300,000 lighting practitioners, lighting products exported to more than 130 countries and regions. After more than 30 years of development, it has formed a lighting industry cluster centering on the ancient town and covering the surrounding 11 towns and 11 towns with an annual output value of over 100 billion yuan. Guzhen Town has become one of the major lighting professional markets in the world, and is the largest professional lighting production base and wholesale market in China. Guzhen Town holds lighting fairs every spring and autumn. After 20 years of continuous reform and innovation, it has developed into the largest international lighting professional exhibition in the Asia-Pacific region. Taking innovation as the driving force to innovate in the ancient town Lighting is not only industrial products but also handicrafts and fashion goods. Over the years, Guzhen Town has paid attention to highlighting the characteristics and advantages of the lighting industry, selecting the core to grasp the hand, and innovating to drive the industrial transformation and upgrading. Intellectual property is the key to the innovation drive of the lighting industry. Guzhen Town implements the strategy of strengthening the town of intellectual property, adhering to the concept of “Intellectual Property Driven Design, Design Drives Brand Innovation, Innovation Drives Industry Development” to shape the “Guzhen Lighting” area. Brand. In 2011, the nation's first “Zhongshan (Lighting) Intellectual Property Rapid Rights Protection Center” was established at the town level, and the “Guzhen Platform” for the patent declaration and authorization confirmation function of the State Intellectual Property Office was established, and the intellectual property administration and judicial rights protection mechanism were established. The "old town model", the patent application for lighting design has been greatly shortened from one year to 10 working days. From 2011 to 2017, the number of patent applications and authorizations in the town reached 23,261 and 18,157 respectively. In the past four years, the number of applications and authorizations ranked first in the city, and innovation in the town of Guzhen became a wind. Guzhen Town Productivity Promotion Center has 29 public innovation service entities, including R&D design, testing and certification, financial services, intellectual property rights protection, information release, business services, brand incubation and other functions of lighting and lighting industry development service platform. Through the creation of a systematic and technological innovation service platform, the lighting industry of Guzhen has been gradually transferred from epitaxial growth to intrinsic growth, from the manufacturing process to the development and marketing, and the innovation of the ancient town is endless. Organize lighting culture festival to develop lighting creative economy Today, the development of the lighting industry has changed from “industrial manufacturing” to “artistic creation”. Lighting culture is a unique resource for the lighting economy. To adhere to creativity and adhere to culture, we can form a unique industrial comparative advantage. In the annual lighting fair of Guzhen Town, the lighting culture festival will be held in the same period. The “Fashion Show” will be used to display the lighting in the “light show” mode, which will turn the light town into the sight of the global consumers. Enhance the popularity of the “Guzhen Lighting” Volkswagen brand. At the same time, with the lighting culture as the starting point, it has injected more cultural connotations into the industry and the city. Liu Jianhui, secretary of the party committee of Guzhen Town, said t
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      How to choose the size of the living room lamp?
      The decoration of the living room is the core of the whole family decoration, so the quality of the decoration will have a great impact on the overall effect. When the living room is purchased for the light belt, it must pay attention to the appropriate size, so that it can be more Beautiful, then there are many people who want to know how to choose the size of the living room lamp. In addition, the method of purchasing the living room lamp should also be mastered. How to choose the size of the living room lamp? 1. The general split value of 0.618 is recognized as a proportion figure with aesthetic significance. The choice of crystal lamp during decoration is also to consider the ideal segmentation. Too big to be too small is not enough. Generally speaking, the living room of 10-25 square meters, we choose the crystal lamp about 1 meter is very beautiful, because the modern crystal lamp of this size has an ideal dividing point of about 0.618. The choice of 30 square meters or more is still 1.5 meters. the above. 2, the illumination required for the living room is generally 150-300Lux, the illumination of the living room is 150-300Lux; the illumination of the general study is 100Lux, but the illumination when reading is 600Lux, for the public, the illumination of the living room of 10-25 square meters requires us The average crystal lamp size is achievable at 1 meter or less, and the choice of 30 square meters or more is more than 1 meter. The light source generally selects the incandescent lamp 40w which is a universal light source. It is also ok for individual friends who ask for savings to choose energy-saving lamps. 3, summed up, the living area of ??10-15 square meters, it is recommended to buy a diameter of 60cm, because the space is too small, but the choice of lamps with too large size, the space will appear uncoordinated, and too large lamps will People have a sense of oppression. For living rooms with an area of ??15-20 square meters, consider using a 70cm diameter luminaire. The size of the living room is about 20-30 square meters. It is recommended to purchase lamps with a diameter of 80cm.
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